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Meal Planning and Prepping

Recently my husband and I set a new goal to achieve a more athletic body fat percentage to help us train for an upcoming half marathon. And so I started to travel down a rabbit hole that has had me doing hours of research on how our bodies burn fat,  and ways of training to increase endurance, strength, and speed.

After having been asked by several people for a breakdown of what I have integrated as a part of our lifestyle, I decided to write it all up here so that it is easily referenced when people need it.

Proper Nutrition

Instead of looking at the scale to determine fitness, it is more pertinent to look at our body fat percentages. These do vary based upon our gender.

Depending upon your personal fitness goals, you can determine what ideal body fat percentage is best for your lifestyle.

If you don't have a scale that currently tells you your body fat percentage, Omron makes a relatively inexpensive body fat loss monitor that helps you to keep track of your progress. This is …