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Scraping For Myofascial Restrictions

Scraping tools are relatively new to the massage therapy field. The technique is very similar and may be referred to as "Grastoning" sometimes, however the Graston Technique is trademarked and requires a therapist to attend their specific courses to be able to use the Graston term in their marketing.

Using tools at home can be great for many reasons. They help you get to hard to reach places. Tools can be stronger that your hands, allowing you to work on an area for a longer period of time. Whenever using tools at home, however, it is best to educate yourself as much as possible on proper technique and application prior to using them. Preferably, you should work one on one with a massage therapist or other health care provider the first few times you use the tools so they can make any necessary adjustments to your technique.

How Does It Work?

So how do scraping tools work as a form of fascial release? First, if you haven't checked out the information on myofascial release